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The Right Reverend
Eric Menees
V Bishop of San Joaquin
Church Anglican
Diocese San Joaquin
In office 2011-present
Predecessor John-David Schofield
Successor Incumbent
Consecration September 24, 2011
by Archbishop Robert Duncan

Eric Menees is an American Anglican priest currently serving as bishop of the Anglican Diocese of San Joaquin in California.[1]

Early life[edit]


Menees was born and grew up in Southern California. He received his graduating from seminary, he has spent several months as a missionary in El Salvador and Mexico. He has also served at parishes in east Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego and La Jolla.[1]

Menees was a priest in the Episcopal Church. He left in 2006 to plant a new Anglican church in the San Diego area.[2] On May 14, 2011, Menees was elected to succeed John-David Schofield as bishop of San Joaquin. He was consecrated on September 24 and enthroned on October 22.[3]


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