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Eric Shansby, commonly known as Shansby, is a cartoonist and illustrator for various American periodicals, including the Washington Post. His cartoons appear weekly next to humorist Gene Weingarten's "Below The Beltway" column.[1][2] Shansby is from Silver Spring, Maryland. He studied philosophy at Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut, graduating in 2007. Shansby attended the Communication Arts Program at Montgomery Blair High School. Shansby's cartoons have been featured in the book Best Editorial Cartoons of the Year since 2004. In 2006 Shansby was featured in the Yale Daily News's list of "Mover and Shakers" on campus.[3] Shansby has won numerous awards for his editorial cartoons, including an American Society of Newspaper Editors award in 2003 [4] and a Maryland State Teachers Association award for media coverage of public education. In 2003 he swept the Columbia Scholastic Press Association's Gold Circle awards, taking first place in all three cartooning categories.[5] In 2002, Shansby won the national Amazing Kids Comic Contest, resulting in a yearlong apprenticeship with Nancy creator Guy Gilchrist. In 2001 Shansby became the youngest journalist ever to receive a professional award from the Maryland-Delaware-DC Press Association.[6]


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