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Eric Wrixon (born 29 June 1947, Belfast, Northern Ireland) is a musician from Northern Ireland. He was a founder member of both Them and Thin Lizzy. It was Wrixon who came up with the enigmatic band name 'Them' (from the 1954 sci-fi film Them!), but as he was a minor his parents declined to sign a recording contract on his behalf and he was replaced in July 1964 prior to recording with the band. By August 1965, he had completed his studies and very briefly returned to Them.[1]

Wrixon was next a member of Belfast R&B group The People and probably played on the two tracks they contributed to the February 1966 compilation album Ireland's Greatest Sounds: Five Top Groups From Belfast's Maritime Club (both tracks feature keyboards). While the People were based in Blackpool, Wrixon left in mid-1966 (around the time the band was joined by guitar player Henry McCullough)[2] to join another Belfast band, the Wheels, with whom he recorded the single 'Kicks' in August 1966. In 1967, he moved to Germany with The Never Never Band and subsequently joined Irish midlands-based pop group The Trixons, who also released a number of singles in the late '60s. Wrixon quit in 1969, when he and fellow-Belfast exile Eric Bell began recruiting a new band from among the Dublin musical scene. The result in early 1970 was Thin Lizzy, but Wrixon left in July of that year due to lack of finances and returned to Germany.[3]

Wrixon briefly joined a reformed Them in Hamburg, recording the 1979 album Shut Your Mouth but leaving before its promotional tour. In 1993, he formed 'Them – The Belfast Blues Band' – often billed by media and promoters as 'Them' – for "progressive rhythm and blues" live performances throughout Europe (including a 1996 tour), featuring his songs such as Crazy Woman and Marcel's Song. The band has included at various times Jim Armstrong (guitar, ex-Them) for nine years, John Wilson (drums, ex-Them) and Siggi Heilek (drums). Today Wrixon lives in Italy and tours with a line-up including himself (vocals and keyboards), Billy McCoy (guitars), Luca Nardi (bass) and Tom Wagener (drums). The band is recording their latest studio album and is also planning a live concert DVD.


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