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Erica Awano (born December 12 at unrevealed year), is a Japanese-Brazilian manga artist. She is a granddaughter of Japanese immigrants. Even though her style is heavily influenced by Japanese manga and she has been called "the best Brazilian manga artist", her works are considerably different from traditional manga, mainly because of format.

Graduated in Literature by the University of São Paulo, Erica Awano started her career in 1996, in a Mega Man manga. She then proceeded to work in a Street Fighter Zero 3 manga, and also in the magazines Anime Ex and Animax. She was also co-creator of the mascot of the magazine Anime Do.

She has illustrated Role Playing Games books for 3D&T and Tormenta, among others. Her most successful and recognized work is the manga series Holy Avenger (a spin-off of Tormenta), which lasted for 42 issues and spawned a handful of other projects, including other comics, an audio CD with professional actors playing the characters, and the embryo for an animated series.

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