Erik Wachtmeister

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Count Erik Wachtmeister
Born Count Erik Wachtmeister
Residence Sweden
Employer Entrepreneur
Known for Social Media
Title Count
Spouse(s) Countess Louise Wachtmeister
Children 2

Count Erik Wilhelm Wachtmeister born 1955, is the CEO and Founder of[1] The son of Swedish Ambassador Count Wilhelm Wachtmeister and Countess Ulla Wachtmeister,[2] he earned a Master of Business Administration from INSEAD in 1983.[3] He has a long professional background in international investment banking.[4]Erik was named the 4th most influential digital man in Britain[5] number 6th most influential businessman[5] and number 31 overall according to GQ's annual 100 most influential list. (GQ February 2013).[6]

Early life[edit]

Erik Wachtmeister is married to Countess Louise Wachtmeister they have 2 children.

Erik Wachtmeister was born to Count Wilhelm Wachtmeister and Countess Ulla Wachtmeister, with family roots at Wanås Castle in southern Sweden. His mother is a painter, while his father was a career diplomat, and notably the Swedish Ambassador to the United States from 1974 to 1989, his father was also was the Dean of The Diplomatic Corps in Washington DC and also a close personal friend of George Bush Senior.[2] He also has two sisters.


Erik Wachtmeister earned a Bachelor of Science in Foreign Service from Georgetown University in 1977 and a Master of Business Administration from INSEAD in 1983.[3]


Investment banking[edit]

After graduating, Wachmeister went on to hold senior corporate finance positions with Lehman Brothers in London and New York City/ and Rothschild in New York.[7] He also worked at Ladenburg Thalmann in New York and Los Angeles.[3][8] He created his own business in 1993, doing private placements for public companies. In 2000 he became the founding CEO of the UK-based Viking Internet, an investment company that he later took public on the London Stock Exchange.[4]

Throughout this time period he lived in ten cities,[9] including Washington DC, New York, Los Angeles, Paris, London, Moscow, Stockholm, and Kiev.[10] In January 2008 he joined the advisory board of the Kiwi Collection, a web-based luxury travel resource.[7]


In March 2004, Wachtmeister and his wife Louise founded the social networking website ASMALLWORLD.[8] Wachtmeister served as CEO and Chairman, and Louise as Marketing Director.[3] He claims he started working on the concept of an exclusive social networking site for people world wide connected by three degrees of separation in 1998,[9] when the idea occurred to him during a wild boar hunt in the German forest.[11] He stated "In traveling extensively to the world's social hot spots for many years, I realized there was a community of global nomads who hang out together. I decided to make a business out of helping them meet and find solutions to their common problems."[12] The website launched two years before Facebook was made available to non-college members,[9][10] and was dubbed "MySpace for millionaires" by the Wall Street Journal.[8] New members must receive an invitation from a pre-existing member with invitation privileges to be accepted. As of September 2007, the site had 150,000 users.[11] By May 2008, the number had grown to 320,000 members, with about 65% of members from Europe and 20% from the United States.[8] By April 2009, Wachtmeister had ceased to be active with managing the website, and membership was in excess of 500,000.[1]

Personal life[edit]

Erik Wachtmeister is married to Countess Louise Wachtmeister, they have 2 children.[9]


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