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Erika Lust
Erika lust.jpg
Born Stockholm, Sweden
Occupation Writer, director, producer

Erika Lust is a Swedish screenplay writer, director, producer and author. She lives and works in Barcelona.[1]


Lust studied political sciences at the Lund University and specialized in human rights and feminism. After graduation in 2000 she moved to Barcelona. After working in theaters, she founded the video production company Lust Films, specializing in feminist pornography. Her roles include screenplay writer, director and producer.[2]


Her first work, the short film The Good Girl (2004 film), was shot in 2004, just prior to founding Lust Films. This short film later was part of the feature film Five Hot Stories For Her, an anthology of five short explicit vignettes, that won several international awards. In 2008 she shot the experimental film Barcelona Sex Project, which was shown at the Venus festival Berlin (2008), the CineKink in New York (2009) and X-Rated in Amsterdam (2009). In 2010, Life Love Lust, was released. Beyond that she shot two other short films, Handcuffs (2009), and Love me like you hate me (2010), both films dealing with fetish and BDSM.

Her book Good Porn was published in 2009 by Seal Press.[3]


Feature films[edit]

  • 2007: Five Hot Stories For Her
  • 2008: Barcelona Sex Project
  • 2010: Life Love Lust
  • 2011: Cabaret Desire

Short films[edit]

  • 2004: The Good Girl
  • 2009: Handcuffs
  • 2010: Love Me Like You Hate Me


  • 2009: Good Porn
  • 2010: Erotic Bible to Europe
  • 2010: Love Me Like You Hate Me
  • 2013: La Canción de Nora (Nora's Song)


  • 2005 Barcelona International Erotic Film Festival – First Prize for Short X-Films – The Good Girl[4]
  • 2007 Barcelona International Erotic Film Festival – Best screenplay – Five Hot Stories For Her[5]
  • 2007 Eroticline Award, Berlin – Best Adult Film for Women – Five Hot Stories For Her [6]
  • 2008 Feminist Porn Award, Toronto – Movie of the Year – Five Hot Stories For Her[7]
  • 2008 Eroticline Award, Berlin – Best erotic documentary – Barcelona Sex Project[8]
  • 2010 Feminist Porn Award, Toronto – Sexiest short film – Handcuffs[9]
  • 2011 Feminist Porn Award, Toronto for – Movie of the Year – Life Love Lust[10]


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