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Erin Lear (born January 5, 1984 in Reno, Nevada) Erin Elaine Lear is one of the grandchildren of the genius Bill Lear, inventor of the car radio, 8-track stereo, the automatic pilot system, and most notably, the Learjet. Having always been driven to take the wheel of her own destiny, Erin’s leadership and family background have pushed her to follow her own dreams of entrepreneurship.

Before pursuing her career in Real Estate, Erin spent her time working on numerous well-known feature films and television shows. In addition to starring roles, Erin was cast alongside Channing Tatum in the movie Supercross and was featured on Punk’d with Aston Kutcher. When she wasn’t on set, her passion for philanthropy started when traveling to third world countries such as Thailand and Costa Rica working as a volunteer in orphanages and animal rescue programs.

Currently Erin resides in the Los Angeles area. Her focus is turning other’s dreams into a reality when making one of the most important choices in their life, which is undoubtedly buying or selling a home. Erin and her team of real estate ambassadors have a combined 16 years experience. Her expertise in the real estate market has captured her client’s attention and loyalty. They continuously seek her valuable advice and follow her blog for important resources in the real estate industry.

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