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For the similarly named actress born in 1934, see Erin O'Brien (actress).

Erin O'Brien-Moore (born May 2, 1902, Los Angeles, California - died May 3, 1979, Los Angeles, California) was an American actress.

Moore's acting career began onstage. Noticed in a Broadway stage production, she was signed to a movie contract. Her early movies placed her in second-lead roles, including Little Men (1934) and Ring Around the Moon (1936). She later performed with actors such as Barbara Stanwyck (The Plough and the Stars, 1936), Humphrey Bogart (Black Legion, 1937), and Paul Muni (The Life of Emile Zola, also 1937). Her rising career was interrupted by a fire accident that forced years of surgeries and rehabilitation.

Returning as a character actress, Moore appeared first on television (Philco Television Playhouse, NBC Presents, General Electric Theater, The Ruggles, the TV special Light's Diamond Jubilee), then again in movies, including Destination Moon (1950) Sea of Lost Ships' (1954), and Peyton Place (1957).

Her television career included appearances in Lux Video Theater, Alfred Hitchcock Presents, Dennis the Menace, Perry Mason, The Time Tunnel, Adam-12, and for over four seasons on the television version of Peyton Place as Nurse Esther Choate, from March 1965 (episode 50) through April 1969 (episode 507).


She retired at the end of the 1960s, and died of cancer on May 3, 1979.

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