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Eripuram is a city in Kannur district in the Indian state of Kerala. It is located between the cities of Payyanur and Kannur. Eripuram is the gateway to[clarification needed] Madayipara, Madayikkavu (sree thiruvarkattu kavu) and the Vadukunda Shiva temple. In the old days Eripuram was the main link from Payangadi to Ezhome, Vengara, and other destinations.

The name Eripuram came from a Hindu mythology related to madayippara and vadukuntha siva temple. Lord Shiva got angry with Kamadevan and he burned Kamadevan in the fire from his third eye (thrikkanu). Later this place became known as Erriyicha Puram or Errinna Puram, and eventually Eripuram.

Major attractions of Eripuram are Madayippara, Parakkaulam, Madayikkavu[clarification needed] and Vallikketu, a Kavu (sacred grove) containing a diversity of herbal plants and rare kinds of birds. The town is the home of the Madayi Government Higher Secondary School for Girls and Boys, the Madayi co-operative bank, Taluk Hospital, the subregistrar's office, and a police station. Eripuram has a major Public Libray with a large reference section.