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Erle E. Bartley (October 23, 1923 – February 10, 1983) was an Agricultural Science Professor at Kansas State University from 1949 until his death in 1983. He was known for his many agricultural inventions, especially those regarding ruminant bloat problems. He invented the most effective and widely-sold bloat preventive, known in the feed industry as "Bloat Guard".

Bartley was born in Bangalore, India. He suffered a fatal heart attack in his office on February 10, 1983.


Erle Bartley was a scientist of international stature. He lectured and consulted at prestigious institutions in England, France, and Sweden. His former graduate students hold responsible academic positions as well as performing similar roles in industry. During his career he published over 100 scientific papers on ruminant nutrition and how the rumen functions. Beyond this, however, he had the unique talent for applying his results to the solution of practical nutritional problems on the farm and in the feedlot. He was respected by students as an effective and an understanding teacher with an uncommon ability to present classroom material clearly. His favorite and most effective visual aid was a piece of chalk and the blackboard.

Dr. Erle E. Bartley's experiments have saved millions of dollars for farmers throughout the world. He developed a drug that prevents bloat in cattle, Bloat Guard, which was a problem that existed since the days of the Romans. He also developed a safe method of using urea as a protein source. His research on lasalocid, an ionophore antibiotic, as a control of feedlot bloat led to the commercial introduction of Bovatec.


Bartley won virtually every honor available in his field. He received the American Feed Manufacturers' Award for Dairy Cattle Nutrition (1957), the Kansas State University Outstanding Graduate Faculty Research Award (1963 to 1964), the Moorman Travel Fellowship Award for Animal Nutrition Research (1968) the Gamma Sigma Delta Distinguished Faculty Award (1970), the Kansas Interbreed Dairy Cattle Council's Dairy Leader Award (1975), the Borden Award for Dairy Cattle Nutrition Research (1975), the National Agri-Marketing Association's Award for Agricultural Excellence in Science (1981), the Morrison Award presented by the American Society of Animal Science (1981), and the Phi Kappa Phi Scholar Award (1982).