Erlend Caspersen

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Erlend Caspersen
Born 1982
Genres Technical death metal
Occupation(s) Musician, bassist
Instruments Bass guitar
Years active 1997-
Labels Relapse Records, Earache Records
Associated acts Spawn of Possession
Deeds of Flesh
The Allseeing I
Dismal Euphony
Blood Red Throne
Notable instruments
Warwick basses

Erlend Caspersen is a Norwegian bassist who currently plays in Spawn Of Possession and The Allseeing I. He also played for Deeds of Flesh. He is notable for his aggressive bass tone and highly technical playing, with a very varied range of techniques, including two-handed tapping, sweeping, and slapping.


Caspersen started playing bass when he was twelve; for his 12th birthday he bought a bass (his first) instead of a planned bicycle, because a lot of his friends were in baus]], Victor Wooten, Les Claypool and Alex Webster as his biggest influences. Interestingly enough, Alex Webster cited him as the best death metal bass player of his generation. Caspersen is best known for his work with bands such as Spawn of Possession and Blood Red Throne. He also did a number of session jobs for bands like Vile, Decrepit Birth, and Incinerate. [1]

He also has a YouTube channel where he covers some Spawn of Possession songs like 'Dead and Grotesque' as well as songs from the album on which he played bass for the band, Spawn of Possession.[2]


Caspersen is endorsed by Warwick basses. His main bass is the 5-string Warwick Corvette $$ Neck-Through bubinga model, which he runs through Sansamp bass driver DI int

  • 6-string fretless Warwick Thumb NT
  • 5-string Warwick FNA Jazzman
  • 6-string Warwick Thumb NT

Discography (major)[edit]

Spawn of Possession
Blood Red Throne


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