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Erlend Frank Erik Loe
Erlend Loe.jpg
Erlend Loe, 2007
Born (1969-05-24) 24 May 1969 (age 45)
Trondheim, Norway
Occupation Novelist, screenwriter
Nationality Norwegian
Notable works Naïve. Super

Erlend Loe (born May 24, 1969 in Trondheim) is a Norwegian novelist,[1] screenwriter and film critic. He has gained popularity in Scandinavia with his humorous and sometimes naïve novels, although his stories have become darker in tone, moving towards a more satirical criticism of modern Norwegian society.


Erlend Loe worked at a psychiatric clinic, as a brigade because of his mother working there, and was later a freelance journalist for Norwegian newspaper Adresseavisen. Loe now lives and works in Oslo where in 1998 he co-founded Screenwriters Oslo - an office community for screenwriters.

In 1993 he debuted with the book Tatt av kvinnen (Gone with the Woman), and a year later published a children's book, Fisken (The Fish), about a forklift operator named Kurt. Loe has a distinctive style of writing which is often likened to naïve art. He often uses irony, exaggeration and humor. His children's books are illustrated by Kim Hiorthøy. Loe has recorded many of his books as Norwegian audiobooks.

His popular novel Naiv. Super. (Naïve. Super.) has been translated into over 20 languages: Ukrainian, Lithuanian, Latvian, Finnish, Estonian, Danish, Swedish, Icelandic, Dutch, Czech, German, Greek, Hungarian, Persian, Polish, Russian, Slovak, English, Italian, French, Portuguese, Serbian, Macedonian, Croatian, Georgian, Chinese and Turkish.[1]



The english title only occurs if there is an English translation in print.

  • Tatt av kvinnen (1992)
  • Naiv.Super (Naive.Super.) (1996)
  • L (1999)
  • Fakta om Finland (2001)
  • Doppler (Doppler) (2004)
  • Volvo lastvagnar (Volvo Trucks) (2005)
  • Muleum (Muleum) (2007)
  • Stille dager i Mixing Part (2009)
  • Fvonk (2011)
  • Vareopptelling (2013;[2] English: tallying the inventory)

Other works[edit]

  • Fisken (1994), Children's book
  • Maria & José (1994), picture book
  • Kurt blir grusom (1995), children's book, also adapted into an animated film
  • Den store røde hunden (1996), children's book
  • Kurt quo vadis? (1998), children's book
  • Detektor (2000), film script
  • Jotunheimen, bill.mrk. 2469 (2001), text to photographs by Bård Løken
  • Kurt koker hodet (2003), play, also adapted into a children's book
  • Pingvinhjelpen (2006), play
  • Organisten (2006), with Petter Amundsen, non-fiction
  • The Mischievous Russ/Den Fæle Russen" short story in Jørn Tomter's photography book The Norwegian Way
  • Kurtby (2008), children's book
  • North (2009), screen-play
  • Kurt kurér (2010), children's book
  • En helt vanlig dag på jobben (2010), screen-play
  • Fruit Delivery (short) (2012), original screen-play
  • Fisken och apelsinen (short) (2012), original screen-play
  • Bara sex (short) (2012), screen-play


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