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Ernak (Priscus: Ήρνάχ "Hernach") was the third son of Attila. After Attila's death in 453 AD, his empire crumbled and its remains were ruled by his three sons. As part of the disintegration of the Hunnic kingdom he, unlike his brother Dengizich, managed to come to terms with the Byzantine Empire and obtained a new fiefdom in Dobruja (modern Romania). Ernak is considered to have succeeded his brother Dengizich as king of the Huns. He reigned from 469 AD to 503 AD over the Onogurs who roamed a substantial part of the former empire and inhabited the lands of modern Ukraine. In 486 and 488 Ernakh led the Bulgars as allies of Byzantium (and later as allies of the Gepids) against the Goths of Theodoric, but was defeated.

According to the Nominalia of the Bulgarian khans, where he is called Irnik, his dynasty led the Bulgars for 150 years starting approximately from 453 AD.


Irnik Point on Snow Island in the South Shetland Islands, Antarctica is named after Irnik (Ernakh).


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