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Ernest Glanville (born 5 May 1855 in Wynberg, South Africa—died 6 September 1925 in Rondebosch, South Africa) was a South African author, known especially for his short stories which are widely read and taught in South Africa. He also wrote seventeen historical novels.

Glanville was educated in Grahamstown at St. Andrew's College (Grahamstown, South Africa) from January 1869 to May 1871. His schooling was interrupted when he and his father transported the first printing press from Grahamstown to Griqualand West by ox wagon in 1870 and began publishing a newspaper in Kimberley. In addition to his literary works, he worked in journalism for the Cape Argus and other newspapers, and collaborated with Dr MacGowan on the 1905 Jubilee Hymn. He was married to Emma Priscilla Powell, with whom he had two children -- Thomas and Ada.


  • Among The Cape Kaffirs, 1888
  • The Lost Heiress, 1891
  • The Fossicker, 1892
  • A Fair Colonist, 1894
  • The Golden Rock, 1895
  • Kloof Yarns, 1896
  • Tales From The Veld, 1897
  • The Kloof Bride, 1898
  • The Despatch Rider, 1900
  • Max Thornton, 1901
  • The Lost Regiment, 1901
  • The Commandant, 1902
  • The Diamond Seekers, 1903
  • In Search Of The Okapi, 1904
  • A Beautiful Rebel, 1905
  • A Rough Reformer, 1905
  • The Inca's Treasure, 1914
  • Tyopa, 1920
  • Through the Red Revolt on the Rand, 1922
  • Claw And Fang, 1923
  • The Yellow-Maned Lion, 1925
  • The Hunter, 1926


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