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Ernesto Hernández Busto (Havana, Cuba, 1968) is a Cuban writer living in Barcelona (Spain).


Born in Havana, Hernández Busto began university studies in mathematics in the former Soviet Union and returned to Havana to study Literature at the Pedagogical Institute.

He was a member of Paideia, an independent research group that in the late 80's attempted a renewal of the Cuban cultural scene and culminated in becoming a dissident platform.[1]

In 1992 he emigrated to Mexico, where he published regularly in the magazine Vuelta, directed by Octavio Paz, as well as other Mexican literary reviews. On two occasions, 1996 and 1998, he won the translation scholarship from FONCA.

He also formed part of the editorial board of the journal Poesía y poética, and worked for four years on editing its collection under the sponsorship of the Universidad Iberoamericana. The collection introduced to Mexico some key names in contemporary literature such as Andrea Zanzotto, Robert Creeley, Marina Tsvetaeva or João Cabral de Melo Neto, among others.

Since 1999 Hernández Busto resides in Barcelona, where he has worked as an editor, translator and journalist while writing literary criticism.

His book Perfiles Derechos was awarded the 2004 Essay Prize III "Casa de América" and selected by a jury consisting of Jorge Edwards, Josefina Aldecoa, José María Castellet, Jose Maria Lassalle and Manuel Martos.[2]

His most recent book is Inventario De Saldos. Apuntes Sobre Literatura Cubana (Colibrí, Madrid, 2005). Several of his works have been translated into English, French, and German.

In Mexico and Spain he has published Spanish translations from Italian, Russian and French, including works by poets Eugenio Montale, Andrea Zanzotto, Valerio Magrelli, Boris Pasternak, Joseph Brodsky and others.

He co-edited the anthology El fin de los periódicos (The End Of Newspapers: Crisis And Challenges Of Daily Journalism) with Arcadi Espada (Duomo, Barcelona, 2009).[3]

Since the summer of 2006 Hernández Busto has published Penúltimos Días, one of the most important websites on Cuban issues, with 87 contributors in 12 countries and over 14 million page views in the last five years.

As a blogger, Hernández Busto has participated in various forums about digital activism including Cyber Dissidents: Global Success and Challenge, organized in 2010 by Freedom House, the Berkman Center-Harvard University, and George W. Bush Institute; Internet at Liberty 2010 (organized by Google and the Central European University), and Personal Democracy Forum Latin America 2010, among others. In 2010, 2011 and 2012 he has written the chapter on Cuba for the Freedom House global report on Internet freedom, Freedom on the Net".

He is a regular contributor to the Spanish newspaper El País, where he writes on policy and technology, and also writes on literary themes for magazines such as Letras Libres.


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  • Inventario de saldos. Apuntes sobre literatura cubana (Colibrí, Madrid, 2005).


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