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Ernesto Jerez (born December 9, 1967 in Santiago de los Caballeros) is a sportscaster from the Dominican Republic. Height: 6'0

His parents are Angel Alejandro Jerez Matos, and Dulce María Bueno Núñez. He is the 3rd. son of the Jerez Bueno Family, which includes: Miguel Angel, Alexandra, and Dulce.

He has three children, Daniela, Javier, and Virginia Maria

He studied High School at Instituto Evangélico in his native Santiago, then participated in the AFS Exchange Student Program.

He became a Bachelor of Arts in business at the Pontificia Universidad Católica Madre y Maestra in Santiago, Dominican Republic, in 1991. He also graduated in broadcast journalism at the Northeast Broadcast School in Boston in 1995.

He announced the programming schedule on commercials on the Discovery Channel Latin America, a sister channel of the Discovery Channel.

He was hired by ESPN Latin America in 1995 for SportsCenter International, with Michele LaFountain, a back-then half-hour mutation of ESPN USA's SportsCenter.

Jerez became famous by narrating ESPN Latin America's retransmissions of ESPN USA's ESPN Wednesday Night Baseball and Sunday Night Baseball with the home run catchphrase "Sólido, conectando. A lo profundo... y ¡no... nono, nono, no...! ¡Dígale que no a esa pelota!" This phrase is also played on highlight reels of the U.S. version of SportsCenter, e.g. the highlights of the Home Run Derby with Sammy Sosa.

He has also narrated ESPN Latin America's retransmissions of NBC Sports' The NBA on NBC, TNT USA's The NBA on TNT and ABC Sports' The NBA on ABC.


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