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Ernesto Presas (May 20, 1945 – November 1, 2010 [1]) was the founder of Filipino martial arts system Kombatan.

Kombatan, which includes training with the stick and with bladed weapons in addition to empty-hand work, was developed from the Modern Arnis system. Ernesto Presas assisted his older brother Remy Presas in developing Modern Arnis in the Philippines. He also has a younger brother who is involved in the martial arts, Roberto Presas.

He used to teach arnis in Physical Education Classes at the University of Santo Tomas, Manila where the arnis PE is offered for freshmen and sophomore students.

He was born in Hinigaran, Negros Occidental, Philippines, the son of Jose B. Presas, a businessman, and the former Lucia Amador, and later moved to Manila.

In the comic book series Pugad Baboy, Ernesto temporarily replaces Polgas as the trainer for James Bab.


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