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Ernst Friedrich Germar (1786–1853) was a German professor and director of the Mineralogical Museum at Halle. As well as being a mineralogist he was interested in entomology and particularly in the Coleoptera and Hemiptera. He monographed the heteropteran family Scutelleridae.

Amongst Germar’s publications are:

  • Species Cicadarium enumeratae et sub genera distributae. Thon's Entomologisches Archiv. (2)2: 37-57, pl. 1 (1830).
  • Observations sur plusieurs espèces du genre Cicada, Latr. Rev. Entomol. Silbermann 2: 49-82, pls. 19-26 (1834).
  • Ueber die Elateriden mit häutigen Anhängen der Tarsenglieder. Z. Entomol. (Germar) 1: 193-236 (1839) (1839).
  • Bemerkungen über Elateriden. Z. Entomol. (Breslau) 5: 133-192 (1844)
  • Beiträge zur insektenfauna von Adelaide. Linn. Entomol. 3: 153-247 (1848)
  • Fauna Insectorum Europae There were 24 fascicles in this work August Ahrens producing the first two, Germar and F. Kalfuss the third (1817) and Germar alone the remaining 21.

He also was editor of the entomological journal Zeitschrift für die Entomologie, which was published from 1839 to 1844

In 1845, he was elected a foreign member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences.


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