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Ernst Glaser (1904-1979)

He was born in Hamburg but moved to Norway in 1928 to take up the post as concert master of the Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra after Max Rostal. The two had studied together under Carl Flesch, and when Rostal was offered a position as a professor in Berlin, he suggested Glaser as his successor.

In Oslo, Glaser worked as an orchestra musician, a soloist and a teacher. He also had solo engagements in Sweden, Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands and Israel. He gave first performances to several violin concertos, including those of Olav Kielland, Klaus Egge and Bjarne Brustad.

Glaser fled the Shoah in Norway in 1942 by finding his way to Sweden. He returned to Norway in 1945 and stayed in the position as concert master of the Oslo Philharmonic until 1969, only interrupted by his three years in exile.

Ernst Glaser performed frequently with his wife, the pianist Kari Glaser, and together they also made recordings. Some of these have recently put Ernst Glaser in the focus again, with the publication of the first volume of a series of historic recordings, “Great Norwegian Performers 1945-2000” (Simax PSC1830, 2006).

Ernst Glaser was the father of the pianist Liv Glaser and the cellist Ernst Simon Glaser, both famous Norwegian classical musicians.