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Ernst Neubach
Born (1900-01-03)3 January 1900
Died 21 May 1968(1968-05-21) (aged 68)
  • Hertha Helene Langer
  • Margaret Jenni

Ernst Neubach (3 January 1900, Vienna – 21 May 1968, Munich) was an Austrian screenwriter, producer and director.


Neubach was a veteran of World War I, after which he worked as a master of ceremonies in Austria, Switzerland and Germany. He wrote lyrics for songs and over 2,000 hits, including I've lost my heart in Heidelberg (1925). Successful operetta librettos include Gentleman Jack (Music: Carita by Horst). With the dawn of the talkie era, he began to write screenplays for musical comedies.

After the Nazis seized power in 1933, Neubach lived mostly in Vienna. On 9 March 1937, he became a member of the Patriotic Front.

After the Anschluss, Neubach emigrated to France. There, he worked as a screenwriter from 1938 to 1939. As a member of the French Foreign Legion, he served in North Africa from 1940 to 1941. On 29 September 1942, he fled to Switzerland to escape the threat of deportation. He stayed there until three months after the war had ended in a hotel in Zollikon.

In August 1945, Neubach moved back to France. He worked as a scriptwriter in 1948 and in 1952, he returned to Germany, where he worked as a writer. He founded Ernest Neubach Productions in Munich, which produced his 1955 movies.

Neubach married Hertha Helene Langer in July 1945, but the marriage ended in divorce. He later married Margaret Jenni, with whom he had a daughter.


  • 1930 : Königin einer Nacht, Fritz Wendhausen (co-written with Harry Kahn)
  • 1930 : Vienna, City of Song, Richard Oswald
  • A Student's Song of Heidelberg, Karl Hartl (co-written with Hans Wilhelm)[1]
  • The Tender Relatives (1930) Richard Oswald (co-written with Fritz Friedmann-Frederich)
  • 1931 : Kasernenzauber, Carl Boese (dialogue)
  • 1931 : Der Liebesarzt, Erich Schönfelder
  • 1931 : In Wien hab 'ich einmal ein Mädel geliebt, Erich Schönfelder (co-written with Richard Rillo)
  • 1932 : Johannn Strauss, kuk Hofkapellmeister, Conrad Wiene (co-written with Ralph Stanley)
  • Trenck (1932)), Neubach and Ernst Heinz Paul (co-authored with Heinz Paul)
  • 1933 : Keinen Tag ohne Dich, Hans Behrendt
  • 1933 : Ein Lied geht um die Welt, Richard Oswald
  • 1934 : Wenn du jung bist, gehört dir die Welt, Richard Oswald
  • 1934 : My Song Goes Round The World, Richard Oswald (History)
  • Spring Parade (1934)
  • 1935 : The Student's Romance, Otto Kanturek (wrote the opera I Lost My Heart in Heidelberg)
  • Suburban Cabaret (1935), Werner Hochbaum
  • 1936 : Heut' ist der schönste Tag in meinem Leben, Richard Oswald (History)
  • Personal Column (1939)
  • Serenade (1940)
  • 1946 : On ne meurt pas comme ça (We do not die like that), Jean Boyer (co-authored with André Tabet)
  • 1946 : Der blinde Engel (La foire aux chimères), Pierre Chenal (co-written with Jacques Companeez and Louis Ducreux)
  • 1947 : The Sharks of Gibraltar, Emil-Edwin Reinert (co-authored with Norbert Carbonnaux and Jacques Companeez)
  • 1947 : A Night at Tabarin, Karel Lamač (Roman co-authored with Victor Herbert)
  • 1949: The red signal, Ernst Neubach (co-authored with André Cerf and Victor Herbert)
  • 1949: We request an assassin, Ernst Neubach (History co-authored with André Tabet)
  • 1951 : The Memoirs of Cow Yolande, (co-written with Emil-Edwin Reinert)
  • 1952 : J'ai perdu mon coeur à Heidelberg (I lost my heart in Heidelberg) (Ich hab 'mein Herz in Heidelberg verloren), Ernst Neubach (co-written with Gustav Kampendonk)
  • 1952 : Man lebt nur einmal, Ernst Neubach (director and screenplay)
  • Aunt Wanda from Uganda (1953)
  • 1953 : Müller Briefträger, John Reinhardt and Heinz Rühmann (History)
  • 1953 : Whirlwind, Alfred Rode
  • 1954 : Meine Schwester und ich, Paul Martin (co-written with Jacques Companeez and Joseph Than)
  • 1954 : Die Große Starparade, Paul Martin (co-written with Franz Tänzler)
  • 1955 : Ich weiß, wofür ich lebe, Paul Verhoeven (novel and screenplay)
  • 1955 : Die Wirtin an der Lahn, JA Hübler-Kahla
  • 1956 : La Fée du Bodensee (Die Fischerin vom Bodensee), (Harald Reinl, producer), The Fairy of Bodensee (History), source of the song "In Heaven There is No Beer"
  • 1957 : Der Kaiser und das Wäschermädel, Ernst Neubach (book)
  • 1957 : Tante Wanda aus Uganda (Aunt Wanda of Uganda), Geza von Cziffra
  • 1957 : Die Prinzessin von St. Wolfgang, Harald Reinl (History)
  • 1958 : Ein Lied geht um die Welt, Geza von Cziffra
  • 1959 : Lass mich am Sonntag nicht allein, Arthur Maria Rabenalt (co-written with Adolf Schütz)
  • 1960 : Die Rote Hand, Kurt Meisel
  • 1966 : Sperrbezirk, Will Tremper (Novel)
  • 1981 : Alles im Eimer, Ralf Gregan (History)

Films produced by Neubach[edit]

Ernst Neubach had a production company named Ernest Neubach Productions.

  • 1935 Vorstadtvariete, Werner Hochbaum
  • 1935 Ein Walzer um den Stephansturm, JA Hübler-Kahla
  • 1936 Schatten der Vergangenheit, Werner Hochbaum (executive producer)
  • 1946 On ne meurt pas comme ça (We do not die like that), Jean Boyer (producer)
  • 1956 La Fée du Bodensee ( Die Fischerin vom Bodensee ) (The Fairy of Bodensee), Harald Reinl (producer)
  • 1957 Maria fille de la forêt ( Wetterleuchten um Maria ) (Maria daughter of the forest), Luis Trenker (producer)
  • 1957 Tante Wanda aus Uganda, Geza, Cziffra (producer)
  • 1958 Ein Lied geht um die Welt, Geza von Bolváry (producer)
  • 1959 Lass mich am Sonntag nicht allein, Arthur Maria Rabenalt (producer)
  • 1960 Die Rote Hand, (Kurt Meisel (producer) 1960
  • 1964 Sept contre la mort ( Sette contro la morte ) Seven against death, Edgar George Ulmer ( producer)
  • 1964 La Môme aux dollars ( Einer frißt den anderen ) La Vie en Rose to dollars (Einer frisst den anderen), Richard E. Cunha, Gustav Gavrin, Ray Nazarro and Albert Zugsmith (producer)
  • 1966 Sperrbezirk, Will Tremper (producer)
  • 1932 Trenck (Trenck - Der Roman einer großen Liebe), (co-directed by Heinz Paul)
  • 1949 Le Signal rouge (The Red Signal)
  • 1949 On demande un assassin (We request a murderer)
  • 1951 Les Mémoires de la vache Yolande (The Memoirs of Cow Yolande)
  • 1952 J'ai perdu mon coeur à Heidelberg ( Ich hab' mein Herz in Heidelberg verloren ) I lost my heart in Heidelberg
  • 1952 Man lebt nur einmal (You Only Live Once)
  • 1957 Der Kaiser und das Wäschermädel
  • Aunt Wanda from Uganda (1957)

Films directed by Neubach[edit]


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