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Ernst Gustav Benjamin von Bergmann
Ernst von Bergmann 1.jpg
Ernst von Bergmann
Born 16 December 1836
Riga, Livonia Governorate
Died 25 March 1907
Nationality Baltic German
Fields Surgeon
Institutions University of Berlin
Alma mater University of Dorpat
Known for Sterilisation of surgical instruments and Hydrocolectomy

Ernst von Bergmann (16 December 1836 – 25 March 1907) was a Baltic German surgeon. He is a pioneer of aseptic surgery.

Born in Riga, Livonia Governorate (now Latvia), in 1860 he earned his doctorate at the University of Dorpat, and later returned to Dorpat in 1871, where he was a professor of surgery until 1878. After spending a few years as a professor at Würzburg, he moved to the University of Berlin in 1882, where he remained for the remainder of his career. Two of his assistants in Berlin were Curt Schimmelbusch (1860–1895) and Friedrich Gustav von Bramann (1854–1913). His son, Gustav von Bergmann (1878–1955) was a noted doctor of internal medicine.

Bergmann was the first physician to introduce heat sterilisation of surgical instruments, thus greatly reducing the number of infections in surgery. Thus increased the responsibility of the surgeon for the inflammation after procedures. He was a surgeon in the Austro-Prussian War (1866) and the Franco-Prussian War (1870–71), where he gained experience treating cranial trauma and neurological disorders. Bergmann published several surgical works, including a classic treatise on cranial surgery titled Die Chirurgische Behandlung der Hirnkrankheiten.

With Friedrich von Bramann and English physician Morrell Mackenzie (1837–1892), he attended to Frederick III (1831–1888), when the emperor was dying of laryngeal cancer. Bergmann died in Wiesbaden. Today, the "Ernst von Bergmann Clinical Center" in Potsdam and the Ernst-von-Bergmann-Kaserne in Munich are named in his honor.

He was also a pioneer of hydrocolectomy.

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