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Eros is the Greek god of love.

Eros may also refer to:

  • Eros (concept), the Greek word for (especially) romantic or sexual love and the life instinct postulated by Freudian psychology, standing in opposition to Thanatos, the death instinct
  • 433 Eros, an asteroid that was the principal target of the NEAR Shoemaker probe
  • Eros, Secretary of Roman Emperor Aurelian, whose assassination he masterminded (275 AD)
  • JDT 1650R EROS, aircraft
  • EROS (microkernel), an operating system developed by The EROS Group, LLC., the Johns Hopkins University, and the University of Pennsylvania


Comics and magazines[edit]

  • Eros (comics), a superhero appearing in Marvel Comics, better known as Starfox
  • Eros, a magazine by Ralph Ginzburg prosecuted for obscenity in 1962
  • Eros Comix, a line of pornographic comic books published by Fantagraphics




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