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Erotic cake
Cake decorated in the form of a nude female dancer
Main ingredients
Sponge cake based on wheat flour, sugar, eggs, baking powder, with coloured icing
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An erotic cake is a cake which, while typically using the ingredients of other dessert cakes, is frosted and shaped to represent sexual parts, acts and organs. Often sexually-related greetings and expressions are written on the surface with icing. The cakes are most often baked and prepared by a retailer who specializes in the style, and are presented to an individual during a festivity limited to adults, such as a bachelor party or a birthday party.[1]

The chocolate icing on a cake in the likeness of a naked African woman has become the source of major controversy in Sweden in 2012, when Minister for Culture Lena Adelsohn Liljeroth attended the Art Day party serving the 'sexual mutilation' sponge-cake by Swedish performance artist Makode Linde of an African father.[2][3][4] Asked to cut the cake, Liljeroth complied, which was an entrapment.[5] In Poland, the well-known sponge-cake called "Cycki murzynki" (tits of a black woman) shaped like female breasts, is covered with dark chocolate icing which is usually the case everywhere else.[6][7][8]


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