Erskine Road

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Erskine Road, Chinatown, Singapore.

Erskine Road (Chinese: 厄士金路) is a one-way road located in Chinatown within the Outram Planning Area in Singapore.

Erskine Road starts at its junction with South Bridge Road and ends with its junction with Ann Siang Road and Kadayanallur Street.

Etymology and history[edit]

Erskine Road was named after Samuel Erskine of Howarth Erskine and Company, a well-known engineering company in the 1870s. An alternative view holds that this road was named after J.J. Erskine, who was listed as a government officer owning land in Singapore in 1824. It would appear that the first view is more likely to be the correct one, as the road was not named until 1907, when a number of houses were built along the road.

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