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Erumely is located in Kerala
Location in Kerala, India
Coordinates: 9°28′16″N 76°45′54″E / 9.4710933°N 76.7650384°E / 9.4710933; 76.7650384Coordinates: 9°28′16″N 76°45′54″E / 9.4710933°N 76.7650384°E / 9.4710933; 76.7650384
Country  India
State Kerala
District Kottayam
 • Official Malayalam, English
Time zone IST (UTC+5:30)
PIN 686509
Telephone code 91-4828- 21XXXX
Vehicle registration KL-34
Nearest city Kanjirappally
Lok Sabha constituency Pathanamthitta
Erumeli Temple

Erumely is a holy place in Kottayam district of Kerala, India. It is considered holy by both Hindus and Muslims, and is on the way to Sabarimala. Erumely is situated at the boundary of Kottayam District and Pathanamthitta district.


Erumely is on the Kanjirappally - Pathanamthitta Route. A small river, Koratty (originally known as Manimala river), marks the entrance of Erumely town. which is exacly 14 Km from Mundakayam which considered as the gate of Highrange area.

How To Reach[edit]

Erumely can be reached through Mundakkayam, Kanjirappally, or Ranni. People coming from Kottayam can be reached through Kanjirappally. People from the Highrange can access Erumely through Mundakkayam or Kanjirappally. From the capital, Trivandrum, Erumely is accessed through Ranni. NH220 National Highway passes 10 km near to Erumely through 26th mile, which makes it reachable easily. Nearest Rail Heads: Kottayam, Chengannur, Changanachery, & Thiruvalla. Nearest Airport : Cochin



Erumely is the name extract from "erumakolli" (Killed the buffalo). Myth tells that Lord Ayyappa killed "Mahishi", sister of Mahishasur in this place on the way to collect leopard's milk. Mahish means buffalo and "Eruma" in Malayalam and hence the name extract "erumakolli". All Hindus who are going for Sabarimala visit this place. There are two temples in this town of Lord Ayyappa and the famous Petta Thullal is done in November, December & January months. Erumely Nainar Masjid is situated opposite to Erumely Cheriya Ambalam. Ayyaapan devotes visits Vavar Swamy at Nainar Masjid before visiting Ayyappa Swami. Vavar is considered as the companion of Ayyappa. Devotes believe that Vavar swami is at the masjid. Devotes goes to Cheriya Ambalam from the masjid. Then they will go to the Valiya Ambalam. The visit to Vavar Swamy and Valiyambalam is done in the form a dance known as Pettathulal. This is done by coloring self, holding wooden bows and arrows. The myth is that during the killing of Mahishi, the local tribals had helped Ayyapa Swamy and post the killing, they danced in joy. Pettathulal represents the joy amongst the people.At the end of the ayyappa season there is festival called Pettathullal where people from Ambalapuzha and Aalangattu will perform this. Ambalapuzha goes first and they will move to the Valiyambalam as usual. The Aalangattu will start this after the 'Krishnaparunth' and star is seen.

Erumeli Vavar Swamy Darga. Ayyappa Swamis start here after performing rituals at this Darga


Erumley has its own culture and it's different from all other places with simplicity and unity of Syrian Christian, Hindu, Muslim communities. The agrarian regions surrounding the town have a large presence of Catholic Syrian Christians, who are mainly into rubber cultivation. Hindus and Muslims are found mostly in the town area.


Attraction for Erumely is Perunthenaruvi Falls (which is located 13 km from Erumely). Cheruvally estate also will provide a great experience.


Erumely is the gateway to Sabarimala . One of the important temples at Erumely is Sree Dharmashastha temple. Vavar masjid also located very near to Sree Dharmashastha temple. Assumption Forane church, under the Syro Malabar Catholic diocese of Kanjirapally - one of the major churches in Kottayam district is also located here.

Educational institutions[edit]

St.Thomas H.S.S, Devasom Board H.S.S, Vavar Memorial H.S.S, MT High School, are the well known Higher Secondary schools in Erumely. St.Thomas H.S.S is oldest school which was started 60 years ago, and is under the Erumely Forane Church. Crescent public school, Nirmala etc. are the schools without higher secondary studies. MES College, on the way to Mukkoottuthara and Sher Mount College of Arts and Commerce which is located 2 km away from Erumely town. Both colleges are affiliated to Mahatma Gandhi University, Kottayam. Assissi Hospital and Nursing College is also at Mukkoottuthara. Amaljyothy Engineering College, under the Syro Malabar Catholic diocese of Kanjirapally, is in nearby Koovappally.


The majority of the people are farmers (the town is surrounded by rubber tree plantations) or are into business . Before it was a small town, now its developing, because of the Erumely Temple and its integrated, non discriminatory society.

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