Erzurumlu Ibrahim Hakki

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Erzurumlu İbrahim Hakkı (18 May 1703 - 22 June 1780), a popular sufi saint of Turkey from Erzurum in eastern Anatolia - mystic, poet, author, astronomer, physicist, psychologist, sociologist and Islamic scholar.

Having lost his mother and later his father at an early age, İbrahim Hakkı was raised by his uncle who educated him for a while. He met the Ottoman Sultan Mahmut I at Istanbul in 1747. He returned to Erzurum, and was continuously interested in religious and scientific matters. Having written fifteen books in the Manzum and regular styles, and a great number of Turkish, Arabic, and Persian amongst İbrahim Hakkı's most important works are the Divan and Marifetname.

Marifetname contains tasawwuf knowledge along with a wide range of general scientific and encyclopedic knowledge. Completed in 1757, the book was written in the language of the layman. According to the author, it was compiled from 400 books. It is a first in the explanation of observational astronomy of the solar system by a scholar in a book.

He died in Aydinlar/Tillo of Siirt Province..