Esa'ala Cave

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Esa'ala Cave
Location Esa'ala, Papua New Guinea
Depth 1,000 metres (3,300 ft)
Cave survey 587667+

The Esa'ala Cave is a large partially unexplored cave in the Esa'ala District of Papua New Guinea.

In popular culture[edit]

The 2011 3D action thriller adventure drama film Sanctum, directed by Alister Grierson and produced by James Cameron, was inspired by true events that occurred at a cave site under the Nullarbor Plain in Australia. In the film the events take place in the so-called Esa'ala[1] Cave system in Papua New Guinea. The actual cave pictured in the Sanctum, where the actors jumped into, was the "Cave of Swallows" located in Mexico.

Sanctum was inspired by Andrew Wight's near-death experience when he took an expedition of 15 divers into a remote underwater cave system.[2] A landslide trapped 13 expedition members, who waged a two-day battle for survival and eventually all 13 were rescued. Wight had escaped the initial landslide.[3]

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Coordinates: 09°43′49″S 150°47′24″E / 9.73028°S 150.79000°E / -9.73028; 150.79000