Escalante (crater)

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Escalante Crater
Escalante Crater Wall.JPG
Escalante Crater Wall, as seen by HiRISE. Picture on left is enlargement of the one on right. Scale bar is long.
Planet Mars
Coordinates 0°12′N 244°42′W / 0.2°N 244.7°W / 0.2; -244.7Coordinates: 0°12′N 244°42′W / 0.2°N 244.7°W / 0.2; -244.7
Eponym Mexican astronomer F. Escalante

Escalante Crater is an impact crater in the Amenthes quadrangle of Mars. It is located at 0.2° N and 244.7° W. It is 79.3 km (49.3 mi) in diameter, and was named after Mexican astronomer (c. 1930) F. Escalante.[1]

Map of Amenthes quadrangle. The northwest part is the large impact basin Isidis. The crater Escalante sits right on the equator.