The Vanishing Lady

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Escamotage d'une dame au théâtre Robert Houdin
Directed by Georges Méliès
Produced by Georges Méliès
Release dates
  • 1896 (1896)
Country France
Language Silent

The Vanishing Lady (French: Escamotage d'une dame au théâtre Robert Houdin, literally The Conjuring of a Woman at the Théâtre Robert Houdin) is an 1896 French short black-and-white silent film directed by French magician Georges Méliès. It is number 70 on the Star Films catalog.


Georges Méliès walks onto a stage and brings out his assistant Jeanne d'Alcy. He spreads a newspaper out on the floor and places a chair on top of it. He then has Jeanne sit in the chair and spreads a blanket over her. When he removes the blanket, she has disappeared. He then waves his arms in the air and conjures up a skeleton. He places the blanket over the skeleton and removes it to reveal Jeanne, alive and well.

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