Escuela Digna Camilo Aguilar

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Escuela Digna Camilo Aguilar
Escuela Digna Camilo Aguilar.jpg
José Joaquín Pérez St. 261, Pichilemu, Chile[1]
Type Primary
Principal Patricio Lizana Catalán[1]
Number of students 328 (2012)[1]

Escuela Digna Camilo Aguilar (English: Digna Camilo Aguilar School) is a Chilean kindergarten and primary school located in Pichilemu, Cardenal Caro Province.

Originally known as Escuela E-367,[2] Digna Camilo Aguilar has 328 students as of 2012, and is located in José Joaquín Pérez street.[1]

The Escuela Digna Camilo Aguilar's principal is Patricio del Tránsito Lizana Catalán, and the president of the parents' centre (centro de padres) is Patricia Fuentes Vargas. In total, ten teachers work in the school; one of them was evaluated by the Ministry of Education as "Destacado" (Outstanding).[1]


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