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Escuela Internacional de Cine y TV (Spanish), abbreviated EICTV - (The International Film and TV School) - was founded on December 15, 1986, by Colombian journalist and writer Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Argentinean poet and film maker Fernando Birri, and Cuban theoretician and film maker Julio Garcia Espinosa, amongst others, in San Antonio de Los Baños, Artemisa Province, Cuba.

The school aims not only to provide a comprehensive theoretical and practical cinema education, but also to exist as a completely self-sufficient environment and community for its students, faculty members and staff.[1][2][3]Each year around 40 students are selected from across Latin America, Africa, Asia and Europe to complete the school's Curso Regular (Regular Course). The Curso Regular is an intensive three year syllabus; each student specialises in one of the following disciplines: Documentary, Directing, Edition, Cinematography, Sound, Production, Screenwriting.[4] Along with the Curso Regular, the EICTV also runs international workshops.


EICTV alumni include:

Miguel Coyula

Jorge Molina

Mariana Rondón

Jaime Rosales

Benito Zambrano


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