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Escutcheon (pronounced /ɪˈskʌən/, i-SKUCH-ən) may refer to:

  • Escutcheon (heraldry), a shield or shield-shaped emblem, displaying a coat of arms
  • Escutcheon (furniture), an item of door furniture that surrounds a keyhole or lock cylinder
  • Escutcheon (firearms), a piece of metal inlet into the wood on the wrist of a gunstock between the tang and the stock comb as decoration and/or engraved for identification.
  • a decorative plate that surrounds a faucet in a bathtub or shower
  • (in medicine) the distribution of pubic hair
  • (in veterinary medicine) the shield-like pattern of distribution of the haircoat in the area below the vulva, down to the top of the udder, in the cow
  • a plate on the stern of a ship inscribed with the ship's name
  • A protective cover over circuit breakers in electrical distribution boards.