Esgueva River

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Río Esgueva.jpg
Watershed of the Esgueva in Valladolid
Country Spain
Source Peña Cervera
 - location Espinosa de Cervera, Sierra de la Demanda, Burgos Province, Castile and León, Spain
 - elevation 1,021 m (3,350 ft)
Mouth Pisuerga
 - location Valladolid, Campiña del Pisuerga, Valladolid Province, Castile and León, Spain
 - elevation 692 m (2,270 ft)
Length 116 km (72 mi)

The Esgueva is one of the rivers of the Iberian Peninsula, flowing from its source near Peña Cervera in the province of Burgos. Its total length is 116 km. It is a tributary of the Pisuerga River.