Esk River (Hawke's Bay)

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Not to be confused with Esk River (Canterbury).
Esk River
Origin Maungaharuru Range
Mouth Hawke Bay
Basin countries New Zealand
Length 43 kilometres (27 mi)

The more northerly of the two rivers called Esk River in New Zealand lies in Hawke's Bay, in the eastern North Island. One of the region's major rivers, it flows south from the slopes of Mount Taraponui in the Maungaharuru Range before turning east to reach Hawke Bay 10 kilometres to the north of Napier. State Highway 5 follows the lower course of the river for several kilometres close to the settlement of Eskdale.[1] The river is probably named after the Esk River in southern Scotland and north-west England.[2]

The lower 19 km of the Esk can be suitable for Whitewater canoeing, but the flow needs to be above normal.[3] Brown and Rainbow trout are available in the river, but fishing is restricted.[4]

The southern stretch of the river forms the northern boundary for urban development in Napier.[5] Hukarere Girls College is located near the Esk River.[6]

Chardonnay and red wine grapes are grown in the Esk River valley.[7]

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Coordinates: 39°23′52″S 176°53′07″E / 39.39778°S 176.88528°E / -39.39778; 176.88528