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Esko Prague
Esko Praha logo.svg
Locale Prague
Transit type Commuter rail
Number of lines 14
Number of stations 158
Began operation 2007
Operator(s) Czech Railways, KŽC Doprava a.s. (S34)
System length 515 km (320 mi)
Track gauge 1,435 mm (4 ft 8 12 in) (standard gauge)

Esko Prague is a commuter rail system in Prague, Czech Republic. It has been in operation under its current name since December 9, 2007. Esko is part of the Prague Integrated Transport system serving the city of Prague and the surrounding areas of the Central Bohemian Region. It is operated by the Czech Railways.

The system was significantly improved after the completion of the so-called Nové Spojení between southern and northern parts of the system in 2008. In 2008, commuter rail operations in the Moravian-Silesian Region also received the name Esko.


Trains of the S1 and S2 lines at Praha Masarykovo nádraží
Line Stretch Length
Stations Operations Interval Remarks
S1 Praha Masarykovo nádražíPraha-LibeňPoříčanyKolín 62 19 Full-week 30 min. combines with S7 for 15min intervals on common tracks on weekdays.
S12 PoříčanyNymburk 15 6 Full-week 1h
S2 Praha Masarykovo nádražíPraha-Vysočany - Lysá nad LabemNymburkKolín 73 20 Full-week 1h.
S20 Praha Masarykovo nádražíPraha-Vysočany - Lysá nad LabemMilovice 73 9 Working days only 1h. combines with S2 for 30 min. interval on common tracks
S3 / R3 Praha-VršovicePraha hlavní nádražíNeratoviceVšetaty (- Mladá Boleslav - Turnov - Tanvald) 43 13 Full-week 1 h. working days, 1-2 h. weekends
S34 Praha Masarykovo nádražíPraha-Čakovice 19 5 Working days only 1 h.
S4 / R4 Praha Masarykovo nádraží (S4) / Praha hlavní nádraží (R4) – Kralupy nad Vltavou - Vraňany - Hněvice (- Ústí nad Labem - Děčín) 40 17 Full-week 30 min. peak, 1 h. off-peak
S41 Praha-Hostivař - Praha-LibeňPraha-HolešoviceRoztoky u Prahy 14 5 Working days only 30 min.
S5 / R5 Praha Masarykovo nádražíKladno (- Rakovnik) 31 10 Full-week 1 h.
S6 Praha-SmíchovRudná u PrahyBeroun 34 12 Full-week 30 min. peak, 1 h. off-peak, weekends irregular
S65 Praha-Smíchov Na KnížecíPraha-JinoniceHostivice 7 Full-week 1 h.
S7 Úvaly - Praha hlavní nádražíSmíchovKarlštejnBeroun 43 13 Full-week 15 min. peak, 30 min. off-peak
S8 Praha hlavní nádražíPraha-VršovicePraha-Zbraslav - Čerčany 57 23 Full-week irregular
S80 Praha hlavní nádražíPraha-VršovicePraha-Zbraslav - Dobříš 52 21 Full-week irregular
S9 Praha-Horní Počernice - Praha hlavní nádražíČerčanyBenešov 49 18 Full-week 15 min. peak, 30min off-peak
Total 515 158

Since 2011 December, almost all local tracks in Central Bohemian Region were involved in the Esko numbering (some lines were enhanced and 13 new line numbers assigned). Three lines are interconnected with lines of RegioTakt Ústí nad Labem Region: S4+U4, S32+U32 and S40+U40.

Numbering system[edit]

The lines are numbered according to the following system: The main lines are numbered with one-digit numbers, starting east and following in the counter-clockwise direction. Then, the connecting lines (S12, S29, S41) are numbered with two-digit numbers, composing of the numbers of the main lines to which they connect. The lines named "R3" etc. are fast trains which run along the same tracks as the S-lines but still stop at multiple stations integrated into the PID system.

Plans for the future[edit]

In the future, it is planned to improve the system significantly, mostly by building new stations on existing lines, upgrading the lines, and integrating more of the existing lines to the system.

There are also plans to build completely new lines, such as a branch from the station Praha-Ruzyně to the eponymous airport.


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