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"Eskies" redirects here. It may also refer to a nickname for the Edmonton Eskimos of the Canadian Football League.
"Esky" is the nickname for the city of Escanaba, Michigan located in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

Esky is an Australian brand of coolers. The term esky is also used to generically refer to portable coolers.


The Esky was created by Malley's, a Sydney refrigeration business. Outdoor recreation company Coleman Australia bought the Esky brand from Nylex Ltd after the company went into administration in February 2009. Esky has been producing coolers for over 60 years. Coleman still produces most of the Esky line in Melbourne, Australia.[1][2][3]


The construction is made up of two layers: polypropylene on the outer shell, with a polyurethane inner layer. This makes it lightweight and portable with excellent insulation. The Esky originally had a steel outside shell.[4]

Generic use[edit]

The term 'esky' has become a generic term used colloquially in Australia to refer to any type of cooler.[2][5] However, the use of the Esky trademark must be approved by the brand owner to avoid any liability.

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