Eslam Jawaad

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Eslam Jawaad
Origin Lebanon Lebanon Syria Syria
Genres Hip hop, political hip hop, Arabic hip hop

Wissam Khodur (Arabic: وسام خضر‎), better known as Eslam Jawaad (Arabic: اسلام جواد‎), is a rapper of Lebanese-Syrian origin. His debut album, The Mammoth Tusk, was released in 2009.

Personal life[edit]

Jawaad is father of three children and currently resides in Dubai. He has always expressed an interest in the business side of the industry and has been active as a booking agent, a tour manager and more recently as an executive producer. As well as organizing and arranging some recordings for Gorillaz "Plastic Beach" in Damascus, Syria.[1]


His song "Pivot Widdit" was used in the to Dubai film City of Life, and "Siasa" in Rendition.[2]


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