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Espeletia in Páramo de Guerrero (Colombia)
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Plantae
(unranked): Angiosperms
(unranked): Eudicots
(unranked): Asterids
Order: Asterales
Family: Asteraceae
Tribe: Millerieae[1]
Genus: Espeletia
Mutis ex Bonpl. in Humb. & Bonpl.

Espeletia, commonly known as frailejón or fraylejón is a genus of perennial subshrubs, in the sunflower family.[2] The genus, which is native mainly to Colombia, Venezuela and Ecuador, was first formally described in 1808.[3] The genus was named after the New Granada viceroy José Manuel de Ezpeleta.

Espeletia grandiflora

The plants live at high altitude in the Páramo ecosystems. The trunk is thick, with succulent hairy leaves disposed in a dense spiral pattern. Marcescent leaves help protect the plants from cold. The flowers are usually yellow, similar to daisies.

The status of conservation of the Frailejon plant is endangered due to destruction of the páramo for agricultural purposes, especially potato crops. This activity continues, despite the fact that it was declared illegal by the Colombian government.

Espeletia schultzii
Espeletia, El Cocuy, Colombia
Espeletia pycnophylla
Espeletia pycnophylla
  1. Espeletia ×pachoana Cuatrec.
  2. Espeletia ×verdeana Cuatrec.
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  7. Espeletia arbelaezii Cuatrec.
  8. Espeletia argentea Humb. & Bonpl.
  9. Espeletia aristeguietana Cuatrec.
  10. Espeletia aurantia Aristeg.
  11. Espeletia azucarina Cuatrec.
  12. Espeletia barclayana Cuatrec.
  13. Espeletia batata Cuatrec.
  14. Espeletia boyacensis Cuatrec.
  15. Espeletia brachyaxiantha S.Díaz
  16. Espeletia brassicoidea Cuatrec.
  17. Espeletia cabrerensis Cuatrec.
  18. Espeletia canescens A.C.Sm.
  19. Espeletia cayetana (Cuatrec.) Cuatrec.
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  46. Espeletia miradorensis (Cuatrec.) Cuatrec.
  47. Espeletia murilloi Cuatrec.
  48. Espeletia nana Cuatrec.
  49. Espeletia nemekenei Cuatrec.
  50. Espeletia occidentalis A.C.Sm.
  51. Espeletia oswaldiana S.Díaz
  52. Espeletia paipana S.Díaz & Pedraza
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  73. Espeletia weddelii Sch.Bip. ex Wedd.


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