Essays in Self-criticism

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Essays in Self-criticism
Essays in self-criticism (French edition).jpg
Author Louis Althusser
Original title Eléments d'autocritique
Translator Grahame Lock
Country France
Language French
Subject Philosophy
  • 1974 (in French)
  • 1976 (in English)
Media type Print

Essays in Self-criticism (French: Eléments d'autocritique) is one of the chief works of Louis Althusser, first published in 1974.[1] An English translation by Grahame Lock was published in 1976.[2]


Althusser re-evaluates his past works, especially For Marx (1965) and Reading Capital (1965), criticizing them for largely ignoring the class struggle. He accordingly redefined philosophy, from being a "theory of theoretical practice" to being "the class struggle in theory."[3]



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