Essex Senior Football League

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Essex Senior League
Essex Senior Football League (emblem).jpg
Country  England
Founded 1971
Number of teams 20
Level on pyramid Level 9
Feeder to Isthmian League
Promotion to Isthmian League Division One North
Relegation to Essex Olympian League Premier Division
Domestic cup(s) Essex Senior League Challenge Cup
Current champions Great Wakering Rovers (2013-14)
Most championships Basildon United (5 titles)
Website Football Mitoo
2014–15 season
The area covered by the Essex League is coloured in teal.

The Essex Senior Football League is an English football league covering Essex, northeast Greater London and the eastern part of Hertfordshire. It is a feeder to Division One North of Isthmian League and has a single division which sits at step 5 (or level 9) of the National League System.

There is no automatic relegation from the Essex Senior League, as the league consistently operates with several teams fewer than the maximum allowed for a step 5 league, which is 22. For a team to be relegated from the Essex Senior League they would have to resign their Senior Status and join an Intermediate League.

Founder members[edit]

The Essex Senior League was formed in 1971 with 9 founder members. The finishing positions for the 1971–72 season were as follows:

1 Witham Town
2 Billericay Town
3 Pegasus Athletic
4 Tiptree United
5 Saffron Walden Town
6 Basildon United
7 Heybridge Swifts
8 Southend United 'A'
9 Stansted

List of champions and cup winners[edit]

Season Winner Runners-up Third place League Cup
1971–72 Witham Town Billericay Town Pegasus Athletic
1972–73 Billericay Town Basildon United Stansted Billericay Town
1973–74 Saffron Walden Town Billericay Town Coggeshall Town Not played
1974–75 Billericay Town Basildon United Coggeshall Town Colchester United 'A'
1975–76 Billericay Town Tiptree United Basildon United Brentwood
1976–77 Basildon United Brentwood Billericay Town Billericay Town
1977–78 Basildon United Tiptree United Ford United Basildon United
1978–79 Basildon United Canvey Island Eton Manor Brentwood
1979–80 Basildon United Wivenhoe Town Canvey Island Canvey Island
1980–81 Bowers United Heybridge Swifts Wivenhoe Town Witham Town
1981–82 Heybridge Swifts Wivenhoe Town Brentwood Bowers United
1982–83 Heybridge Swifts Stansted Halstead Town Heybridge Swifts
1983–84 Heybridge Swifts Bowers United Witham Town Stansted
1984–85 Maldon Town Witham Town Stansted Chelmsford City reserves
1985–86 Witham Town Wivenhoe Town Ford United Ford United
1986–87 Canvey Island Witham Town Purfleet Purfleet
1987–88 Purfleet Brentwood Halstead Town Purfleet
1988–89 Brightlingsea United East Thurrock United Ford United East Thurrock United
1989–90 Brightlingsea United Woodford Town East Thurrock United Southend Manor
1990–91 Southend Manor Brentwood Burnham Ramblers Brentwood
1991–92 Ford United Brentwood East Thurrock United East Thurrock United
1992–93 Canvey Island Sawbridgeworth Town Bowers United Canvey Island
1993–94 Basildon United Ford United Canvey Island Basildon United
1994–95 Great Wakering Rovers Sawbridgeworth Town Romford Sawbridgeworth Town
1995–96 Romford Great Wakering Rovers Concord Rangers Romford
1996–97 Ford United Great Wakering Rovers Concord Rangers Concord Rangers
1997–98 Concord Rangers Basildon United Bowers United Basildon United
1998–99 Bowers United Great Wakering Rovers Saffron Walden Town Bowers United
1999-00 Saffron Walden Town Southend Manor Burnham Ramblers Saffron Walden Town
2000–01 Brentwood Saffron Walden Town Barkingside Southend Manor
2001–02 Leyton Enfield Town Burnham Ramblers Enfield Town
2002–03 Enfield Town Concord Rangers Ilford Ilford
2003–04 Concord Rangers Ilford Sawbridgeworth Town Enfield Town
2004–05 Enfield Town Burnham Ramblers Waltham Abbey Waltham Abbey
2005–06 A.F.C. Hornchurch Waltham Abbey Tilbury AFC Hornchurch
2006–07 Brentwood Town Romford Barkingside Brentwood Town
2007–08 Concord Rangers Enfield 1893 Barkingside Eton Manor
2008–09 Romford Enfield 1893 Takeley Barkingside
2009–10 Stansted Witham Town Burnham Ramblers Bethnal Green United
2010–11 Enfield 1893 Stansted Witham Town Stansted
2011–12 Witham Town Southend Manor Takeley Witham Town
2012–13 Burnham Ramblers Barkingside Takeley Barkingside
2013–14 Great Wakering Rovers Haringey Borough Enfield 1893 Great Wakering Rovers

League winners records[edit]

  • 5 times – Basildon United
  • 3 times – Billericay Town, Concord Rangers, Heybridge Swifts, Witham Town
  • 2 times – Bowers United, Brentwood Town, Brightlingsea United, Canvey Island, Enfield Town, Ford United, Great Wakering Rovers, Romford, Saffron Walden Town
  • 1 time – AFC Hornchurch, Burnham Ramblers, Enfield 1893, Leyton, Maldon Town, Purfleet, Stansted, Southend Manor

Essex Senior League Challenge Cup[edit]

The Essex Senior League Challenge Cup is a knock-out tournament competed for by teams in the Essex Senior Football League. Brentwood Town hold the record for the most cup wins, lifting the trophy four times (1975–76, 1978–79, 1990–91, 2006–07).

Final results[edit]

Season Winner Score Runners-up
1972–73 Billericay Town 2–1 Saffron Walden Town
1973–74 No Competition played
1974–75 Colchester United 'A' 3–1 Billericay Town
1975–76 Brentwood 3–0 Basildon United
1976–77 Billericay Town 1–0 Bowers United
1977–78 Basildon United 3–0 Bowers United
1978–79 Brentwood 2–0 Brightlingsea United
1979–80 Canvey Island 1–1,0–0,2–0 Basildon United
1980–81 Witham Town 4–2 Sawbridgeworth Town
1981–82 Bowers United 2–0 Halstead Town
1982–83 Heybridge Swifts 4–1 Bowers United
1983–84 Stansted 1–0 Brentwood
1984–85 Chelmsford City 1–0 Brentwood
1985–86 Ford United 1–0 Coggeshall Town
1986–87 Purfleet 2–0 Burnham Ramblers
1987–88 Purfleet 2–1 Canvey Island
1988–89 East Thurrock United 3–2 Ford United
1989–90 Southend Manor 2–0 Burnham Ramblers
1990–91 Brentwood 2–0 Southend Manor
1991–92 East Thurrock United 2–0 Basildon United
1992–93 Canvey Island 3–1 Sawbridgeworth Town
1993–94 Basildon United 3–0 Sawbridgeworth Town
1994–95 Sawbridgeworth Town 2–0 Stansted
1995–96 Romford 2–0 Southend Manor
1996–97 Concord Rangers 1–0 Ford United
1997–98 Basildon United 1–0 Burnham Ramblers
1998–99 Bowers United 2–0 Great Wakering Rovers
1999-00 Saffron Walden Town 2–1 Southend Manor
2000–01 Southend Manor 2–1 Sawbridgeworth Town
2001–02 Enfield Town 1–1
(4–2 Penalties)
2002–03 Ilford 1–0 Sawbridgeworth Town
2003–04 Enfield Town 3–2 Sawbridgeworth Town
2004–05 Waltham Abbey 4–1 Enfield Town
2005–06 AFC Hornchurch 2–0 Brentwood Town
2006–07 Brentwood Town 1–1
(5–4 Penalties)
2007–08 Eton Manor 3–2 Concord Rangers
2008–09 Barkingside 2–0 Burnham Ramblers
2009–10 Bethnal Green United 4–1 Burnham Ramblers
2010–11 Stansted 3–0 Enfield 1893
2011–12 Witham Town 2–1 Burnham Ramblers
2012–13 Barkingside 9–1 Bowers & Pitsea
2013–14 Great Wakering Rovers 1–0 Sporting Bengal United

League and Cup Double[edit]

On 13 occasions a team has won both the Essex Senior League and the Essex Senior League Challenge Cup in the same season. They are:

  • 1972–73 – Billericay Town
  • 1977–78 – Basildon United
  • 1982–83 – Heybridge Swifts
  • 1987–88 – Purfleet
  • 1992–93 – Canvey Island
  • 1993–94 – Basildon United
  • 1995–96 – Romford
  • 1998–99 – Bowers United
  • 1999-00 – Saffron Walden Town
  • 2005–06 – AFC Hornchurch
  • 2006–07 – Brentwood Town
  • 2011–12 – Witham Town
  • 2013–14 – Great Wakering Rovers

Former members[edit]

Notable former Essex Senior League players[edit]

Several players have gone on to join Football League teams having played in the Essex Senior League.

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