Estadio Carlos Tartiere (1932)

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Estadio Carlos Tartiere
Full name Estadio Carlos Tartiere
Former names Estadio de Buenavista (1932-1958)
Location Oviedo, Spain
Owner Concejo de Oviedo
Operator Real Oviedo
  • 22,000 (1932-1982)
  • 23,500 (1982-1998)
  • 16,500 (1998-2003)
Surface Grass
Opened April 24, 1932
Renovated 1982
Closed May 20, 2000
Demolished 2003
Architect Ildefonso Sánchez del Río
Real Oviedo (1932 - 2000)

Estadio Carlos Tartiere was a multi-use stadium in Oviedo, Spain. It was initially used as the stadium of Real Oviedo matches.

Initially known as Buenavista stadium, named after the neighbourhood, it was inaugurated on April 24, 1932 with a match between the national teams of Spain and Yugoslavia. The first goal in this stadium was scored by Real Oviedo's forward Isidro Lángara.

The stadium was dedicated to the memory of the first president and founder of Real Oviedo, Carlos Tartiere in 1958.

It was completely rebuilt for 1982 FIFA World Cup. It hosted three matches.

The last match played in this stadium took place on May 20, 2000 and it was a Primera División match against Real Sociedad.

The capacity of the stadium was initially 22,500, but it was reduced to 16,500 in 1998 when all capacity were transformed into seated places. This was the reason to build a new stadium.

It was replaced by the current Estadio Carlos Tartiere in 2000 and was eventually demolished in 2003.

1982 FIFA World Cup[edit]

The stadium hosted three games in the 1982 FIFA World Cup:

Date Team #1 Res. Team #2 Round
1982-06-17  Chile 0–1  Austria Group 2 (First Round)
1982-06-21  Algeria 0–2  Austria Group 2 (First Round)
1982-06-24  Algeria 3–2  Chile Group 2 (First Round)

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