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Estate or The Estate may refer to:


  • Estate (law), a term in common law for a person's property, entitlements and obligations.
  • Estates of the realm, a broad social category in the histories of certain countries.
  • Estate (land), the grounds and tenancies (such as farms, housing, woodland, parkland) associated with a very large property.
    • Housing estate, a group of houses built as a single development.
    • Industrial estate, and trading estate, property planned and sublet for industrial and commercial use.

Automobiles and technology[edit]

  • Estate car, passenger car with a full-size back cargo compartment, a station wagon.
  • Estate, a brand of major appliances, first from RCA, afterwards from Whirlpool Corporation.
  • Estate, Information Technology term for a set of computers and other technology infrastructure, generally the total set owned by a corporation, as in "Estate Management." See ITIL and other standards.


Film and TV[edit]


  • Estate (album), a jazz piano album by Michel Petrucciani.
  • Estate (song), a 1960 Italian song and jazz standard, sung by Milva, written by Brighetti, Bruno Martino