Estcourt Station - Pohénégamook Border Crossing

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Estcourt Station - Pohénégamook Border Crossing
Border USA-Canada - customs station Pohénégamook.jpg
Canadian Border Inspection Station at Pohénégamook, Quebec
Country United States; Canada

US Port: Frontier Road, Estcourt Station, ME 04770

Canadian Port: 1187 Rue de la Frontiere, Pohénégamook, Quebec G0L 1J0
Coordinates 47°26′59″N 69°14′05″W / 47.449807°N 69.234778°W / 47.449807; -69.234778
Opened 1952
US Phone (418) 859-2501
Canadian Phone (418) 859-2201

US side: 08:00AM-04:00PM Saturdays only

Canadian Side: 09:00AM-05:00PM Weekdays only

Estcourt Station - Pohénégamook is essentially a single small town divided by an international boundary. Several of the buildings are bisected by the boundary line. The US border station is located on the edge of town, where a road with access to other parts of Maine is located. The Canadian border station is in the center of town, where the railroad underpass provides access to other parts of Canada.

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