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Esther Walker
Green Book Magazine, 1919

Esther Walker (October 18, 1894 - July 26, 1943) was an American musical comedy performer. She was born Esther Thomas in Pewee Valley, Kentucky.[1] Adopting the stage name of Esther Walker, she appeared on Broadway at the Winter Garden Theatre in a 1919 production of Monte Cristo, Jr., and later that year performed at the 44th Street Theatre in Hello, Alexander. Walker recorded over 32 songs for Victor and Brunswick record labels, from 1919 to 1920 and 1925 to 1927, including "Sahara (We'll Soon Be Dry Like You)" from Monte Cristo, Jr. Walker wed Texas businessman Karl Hoblitzelle, a successful manager of movie and vaudeville theatres. The two founded the Hoblitzelle Foundation in 1942, which still exists today. She died of cancer in Dallas, Texas, on July 26, 1943, at the age of 48.


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