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Estonian Business School
Established 1988 (1988)
Rector Arno Almann (Acting Rector)
Location Tallinn, Estonia
59°25′56″N 24°45′24″E / 59.43222°N 24.75667°E / 59.43222; 24.75667Coordinates: 59°25′56″N 24°45′24″E / 59.43222°N 24.75667°E / 59.43222; 24.75667

Estonian Business School is a private, higher-education institution situated in Tallinn, Estonia. EBS offers business-related higher education in bachelor-, master- and doctoral levels. Estonian Business School also has a high school part, named EBS Gümnaasium which offers high school education from 10th to 12th grade and a Management Training Centre (EBS Juhtimiskoolituse Keskus) that offers different trainings and development programs.


Estonian Business School was started by three Estonian men[who?] during the last years of the Soviet Union. It was the first higher-education institution in the Soviet Union that offered an English language-based business education. The need for the creation of a new business-oriented curriculum was imminent during those times, in the light of perestroika.


Building of EBS in Tallinn

EBS offers business-oriented curricula based on Estonian, English and Russian languages. Estonian Business School is among the top 300 business schools in the world. In 2010, it reached position 141.[1]

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