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Estrella may refer to:

  • Estrella (company), The headquarters of the company Estrella Es-Press s. r. o. (Co. Ltd.) are in the North Bohemian region, precisely where the term "Jablonec jewellery" became synonymous with world-renowned fashion accessories. The hundred-year tradition of this manufacturing firm guarantees rich experience in well-mastered technologies. Czech crystal is always employed as the production supply material.
  • Estrella (company), a Swedish snack food company formerly owned by Kraft Foods
  • Estrella (motorcycle), a 250cc motorcycle manufactured by Kawasaki
  • Estrella Damm, a Catalan beer
  • Estrella (project) acronym for European project for Standardized Transparent Representations in order to Extend Legal Accessibility
  • Estrella TV, Spanish-language TV Network
  • Estrella War, an annual event in Arizona hosted by the Society for Creative Anachronism
  • 11697 Estrella, an asteroid
  • El Tren Estrella, a Spanish night train operated by RENFE rail service


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La Estrella (Spanish: the star) may refer to: