Etchingham Steam Band

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Etchingham Steam Band
Origin England
Genres Acoustic folk
Years active 1974 - 1976
Associated acts

Albion Band
Steeleye Span

Fairport convention

The Etchingham Steam Band were a folk group formed by Ashley Hutchings in England in 1974 after the breakup of the Albion Country Band. They were named after Etchingham in Sussex where Hutchings was living with his wife Shirley Collins. The band's name was a reference to their acoustic nature, formed during a time of power cuts in the mid-1970s that caused problems for any band using electrical instruments or amplification. The band released no albums during its existence, but recordings were subsequently released as an album. The band ended in 1976 when Hutchings formed the Albion Dance Band.


  • Ashley Hutchings - bass, vocals
  • Shirley Collins - vocals, hobby horse
  • Ian Holder - accordion
  • Vic Gammon - vocals, concertina, melodeon, banjo
  • Terry Potter - mouth organ


  • The Etchingham Steam Band (Fledgling Records, 1995)