Eternal Decision

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Eternal Decision
Origin Edmond, Oklahoma, USA
Genres Heavy metal
Thrash metal
Christian metal
Years active 1994 - Present
Labels Godfather Records
Members Joe Chambless
Cory Boatright
Tommy Torres
Kirk Campbell
Past members Dave Perkins

Eternal Decision is an American Christian thrash metal band. Musically the band blends Pantera influenced riffs, with a mix of James Hetfield styled vocals. In 1997 the band released their critically acclaimed self-titled debut throughout the United States and 16 other different countries.[1] They have since gone on to release 2 more full length studio albums, 1999's "Ghost in the Machine" and 2002's "E.D. III. Their second album Ghost in the Machine had 2 songs chart in the top 5 on the Pure Rock Report.[2][3] The band has posted some new riffs and is working on material for their newcoming CD "Revived." It is said that this album will probably be out within a year or so.[4]

Current members[edit]

  • Joe Chambless - Bass and Vocals
  • Cory Boatright - Guitar and Vocals
  • Tommy Torres - Guitar
  • Kirk Campbell - Drums

Former members[edit]

  • Dave Perkins - Vocals



  • Mainly due to the similarities in vocal style, the group is often mistaken for Metallica. As an example, many people have downloaded Eternal Decision's songs in P2P programs like Ares Galaxy or LimeWire believing they're singles or demos from Metallica's 2008 New Album, Death Magnetic. Another example is their song "Imminent Destruction", often mistaken for Metallica's "All Nightmare Long". As another example, the song "Hunger" from the self-titled debut album received many downloads on Napster due to the fact that many people falsely believed it to be a new unreleased Metallica song or a collaboration between Megadeth and Metallica.[6][7]


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