Eternity Bible College

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Eternity Bible College
Established 2004
Type Bible college
Location Simi Valley, California, United States

Eternity Bible College (EBC) is a Christian college in Simi Valley, California, United States, where it shares a campus with Cornerstone Community Church. It was founded by Francis Chan, a former pastor of the church, in 2004.[1] The college has achieved Candidate status toward accreditation through the Association for Biblical Higher Education, a process that typically takes 8 years.[2]


EBC was founded by Francis Chan as a ministry of Cornerstone Community Church.[3] In 2001, Cornerstone launched a Bible Institute to better equip its members for ministry. In 2003, they resolved to turn this into a college. Over the course of the next year, Cornerstone gathered personnel and resources, and launched the college in 2004 with a class of 100 students.

The faculty consists of pastors serving in local churches in the greater Los Angeles area.

The college offers a four year Bachelor of Biblical Studies and a two year Certificate of Biblical Studies.[4] The emphasis of these programs is on studying the Bible for the purpose of applying biblical principles to all areas of life and ministry.[5]

EBC is pursuing accreditation through the Association for Biblical Higher Education.[6] As of May 2009, EBC had graduated 47 students. Its graduates are currently serving as missionaries (in Israel, France, India, Hungary, and Iraq), pastors, youth pastors, are pursuing seminary-level education, or have joined the workforce in a variety of capacities.[citation needed]


The school's mission statement is: "As an institution of Christian higher education, EBC exists to glorify God through graduates whose lives are transformed by rigorous study of the Bible as Scripture, impassioned love for God, and gracious service in the church for the world."[7]


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