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Studio album by The Crüxshadows
Released October 21, 2003
Genre Synthpop, Darkwave
Length 72:53
Label Dancing Ferret Discs
The Crüxshadows chronology
Frozen Embers EP
Fortress in Flames EP

Ethernaut is a 2003 album by The Crüxshadows.

According to Rogue, the songs on Ethernaut are meant to be an allegory for the fall of Troy.[1] Rogue believes the Trojans to be the "good guys" of the story, and wrote Ethernaut to tell the story from the Trojan side, with a focus on the emotions of the Trojans.[2]

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Into the Ether"
  2. "Cassandra"
  3. "Love and Hatred"
  4. "Flame"
  5. "The Sentiment Inside"
  6. "Winter Born (This Sacrifice)"
  7. "Untrue"
  8. "A Stranger Moment"
  9. "Waiting to Leave"
  10. "East"
  11. "Citadel"
  12. "After All"
  13. "Esoterica (Through The Ether)"
  14. "Helen"
  15. "Live Love Be Believe(Recalling The Dream)"

The song "Citadel" is referenced by a character in the 2006 science fiction novel Von Neumann's War, co-written by John Ringo and Travis Taylor, published by Baen Books. The lyrics are quoted in full in the Epilogue.


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